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Recover a lost Android Phone: User Guide

Recover a lost Android Phone
Recover a lost Android Phone: It only takes some time to lose your phone that you so regularly use. You could lose it by forgetting it at a cafe you just visited or have it stolen from you during your daily commute. Thus, to help...

Find Signed In Devices on Google with your Google ID

Find Signed In Devices on Google
Find Signed In Devices on Google: It’s a huge fact that Android mostly depends on Google and its services. When setting up a new Android phone, just sign in to your Google account before getting it to imitate. It’s not just Android phones, you...

Reset Google Chrome Flags on Android

Reset Google Chrome Flags
Reset Google Chrome Flags: Rather than being the default browser on Android, Google Chrome is the most popular and web browser for smartphones. It offers themes, extensions and advanced users Chrome Flags. Chrome Flags is how Chrome users can try out unreleased features that...

Change Android 10 Gestures

Change Android 10 Gestures
Change Android 10 Gestures: On Android 10, Gesture navigation has received mixed reviews with some users who prefer screen buttons to go back and forth. Although Android still needs to soften it with its older system comments, gestures are here to stay. So it’s...

Pause Digital Wellbeing Wind Down Mode

Pause Digital Wellbeing
Pause Digital Wellbeing: Many of us sleep with their phone next to us. Google provides a native tool inside Android that can help you to prepare for your sleep. Using Wind Down Mode, you can allow Do not disturb mode at a set time...