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How to Get: Premium Android Apps & Games for Free


Premium Android Apps & Games for Free: If you’re on the Google Play Store, there’s nothing worse than finding out that the apps you were looking for are going to cost you money.  While it can bs supported by ads and there are some in-app purchases just way too expensive for you to try out.

Follow the below mention steps so that you can get the paid app that you wanted without worries.

How to get paid Apps and Games on the Google Play Store for free?

Using Google Opinion Rewards

Getting paid apps on the Google Play Store for free is through Google Opinion Rewards.  Opinion Rewards sends you simple surveys which when answered get you Google Play Credits. Besides relying on an unreliable survey site that forces you to watch videos or try a product, Google asks simple questions that benefit both you and Google.

As it answers some questions, once you answer them Google rewards you with Google Play Credits. You can use these credits to buy any paid apps, games, books, or movies that can be found on Play Store. To use your play credits, click on ‘spend play credits’ on the home screen of the Google Opinion Rewards app.

Download: Google Opinion Rewards

AppsFree Android app

AppsFree is the first app you’ll run into if you’re looking for free paid apps on the Play Store. As it displays a list that is currently available for free and you can download them without spending money.

AppsFree lets you modify the list by adding filters on the basis of categories, ratings, and minimum downloads. Not only this but also you can block a

 AppSales Android app

AppSales has the most reviews and all of them are positive. The app works similar to that of AppsFree. You can find the list of different paid apps that are temporarily free and also view apps that can be bought for a fraction of their original price.

Four tabs:

There are four tabs to choose from:

  • Highlights
  • Latest sales
  • Now free
  • Watchlist


The ‘highlight’ section shows the most popular apps that are currently on sale.

Latest sales

The ‘latest sales’ section shows a list of apps that recently went on sale sorted by time.

Now free

The ‘Now free’ tab lists all the apps that can now be downloaded for free.


Watchlist tab lets you track the apps that you want and notify you when they might be on sale or go free.

Download: AppsSales

Paid Apps Gone Free Android app

Paid Apps Gone Free is similar to AppsFree and AppSales. These apps showing a daily list of paid Android apps that are free for a limited period. The list includes apps and games for phones and tablets as well as for android TV and android wear devices.

There will also a new list of free paid apps for the day and once you click a day’s listing, you’ll be welcomed with apps having respective download count, genre, and ratings. You can select to hide icon packs from the list and be notified of sales once a day.

Download: Paid Apps Gone Free

 App Hoarder Android app

App Hoarder ensures (by notification) you when paid apps go free or when they’re on sale. After clicking on any item on the list directly takes you to the Play Store and the list is updated every hour.

You can also hide a listed app so the list will not display the app again in the future. You will get notified of all the free apps available for today and among that, the list apps filtered for you for the day.

Download: App Hoarder

 r/AppHookup on Reddit

Reddit discovers deals on the Play Store. Not only this but also there is a subreddit for everything you can think of. One of the most popular subreddits for getting paid apps is r/AppHookup. While the list includes apps for both iOS and Android, there are dozens of daily posts on limited time free items that can be purchased

Simply opens the Reddit app on your phone and search for an app. Once you find the app that you need, click on the thread and then browse through the link given in the description and you’ll be taken directly to the Play Store.

→ Check out r/AppHookup on Reddit

Method 7: r/GooglePlayDeals on Reddit

GooglePlayDeals on Reddit is another popular subreddit where you find new free or discounted paid apps that are listed every day. You can find up to 15 app deals on a given day in the community.

→ Check out r/GooglePlayDeals on Reddit

Method 8: r/AndroidGameDeals on Reddit

AndroidGameDeals on Reddit lists deals on apps but exclusively for games on Android. As it not only lists games available on the Play Store but also deals available on the Amazon App Store, Humble Bundle, and much more.

→ Check out r/AndroidGameDeals on Reddit


Keep an eagle eye for notifications on the Google Play Store. Mostly Google notifies you when a popular app or game goes on sale. If you want to view these offers then go to Google Play Store > Menu > Notifications. These notifications will also show offers across in-app items as well.

For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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